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Friday Favorites: Study Resources {Online}

August 5, 2011

Last week we shared some of the best resources and tools we have offline, this week, here are some of favorites online.

Teri Lynne:  Rarely does a day pass that I don’t find myself at   The site is easy to navigate and filled with useful information and explanations.   I also use for looking up specific passages and switching between translations.

Julie:  I find myself going to most often. I really like the easy to read format, the options for side by side version comparison, and the audio tools.

Kathy:  The internet overflows with great resources for Bible study and devotion, so it’s so hard to share just one with you! However, I recommend you check out because of its scope. It’s full of Christian-living articles, news, devotionals, and links you through to

Stephanie: My “go-to” online Bible study resources are and I love the variety of tools they both offer.

Kristi: I also love, as the other ladies have mentioned. is my favorite for looking up Scripture online – I find it the easiest to navigate, but there are so many great options available!

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