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Same Thirst, Same Grace

August 3, 2011

As we’ve explored these truths about thirsting for God, so far we have identified two:

1.  We were created to thirst for God.

2.  Our thirst can only be quenched from the inside out.

Today, we’re going to look at a familiar story from the Gospels as we discuss the third truth about thirst:

Each of our thirsting is quenched by the same grace.

Before we begin, please take a moment to read John 4:1-43.

The woman at the well … one of my favorite accounts in all of Scripture.    I absolutely love this passage of Scripture.  There is much rich truth in here about so many different aspects of a believer’s life.  Today, though I want to focus on just a few verses and what we can learn about thirsting for God in them.

First, look again at verse 4.   Jesus had to pass through Samaria, it says.  Like me, you’ve probably heard countless sermons about  how He really didn’t *have* to pass through because the Jews always took the long way around Samaria. But in this one phrase, I have gleaned something so precious – Jesus longs to quench our thirst.   It’s what He left heaven to do.

Next, read over verses 7 through 10.   We don’t normally see Jesus as demanding but He said to this woman, “Give me a drink.”  Why?  Because Jesus longs to help us see our need for Living Water.   The whole conversation was designed to point her to her need for Him.   He does the same thing for us … asks us to do those things we cannot do outside of Him – from loving our enemies to living in the fruit of the Spirit.   Christ continually draws us closer to Him through revealing the depth of our need for Him.

Look again at verses 16 – 26.   This is my favorite part!  Here is where we see the most beautiful picture:   Jesus offers us all the same grace!   Yes, this woman had been married to five men and she lived with a man outside of marriage.  But that wasn’t really the point … the point was grace.   She knew her sin just like we know ours.  And undoubtedly she’s had her sin pointed out by others as many of us have.   The beauty of grace is this … is the same no matter what.   Whether we’ve had five husbands or just treated the one we have with contempt … the same grace covers it.   Whether we’ve lived in public sin or gossiped about the sin of others … the same grace covers it.   Whether everyone sees and knows our sin or even if it’s hidden and no one around us is aware … the same grace covers it.   That Living Water is grace!  And grace quenches the thirst!  Always.

Finally, though, let’s look at the end of this story, verses 39-42.   The result of that grace is this:  When Jesus quenches our thirst, we tell others about the Living Water.   Her shame was replaced with joy and she could not wait to tell others.   I wonder about me, about us … we’ve received that same grace, drunk deep from that same Living Water … and yet, how many people are drawn to Christ – believe in Him – because of our testimony?

Perhaps you need to be sharing the sweetness of quenched thirst with someone you know … in fact, I’d imagine, that for many who read this, a name has already popped into you head and heart.   Will you respond?  Will you be obedient?  


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  1. August 4, 2011 1:03 am

    Awesome post today Teri Lynne!
    Lots of food for thought.

  2. August 4, 2011 7:34 pm

    Love this post! you ladies are such a blessing!

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