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Created Thirsty

August 1, 2011

In April the Scripture Dig team was all together.   These women amaze, inspire, and challenge me.   Sometimes I find myself in shock that they all said, “Yes!” when I asked them to join me in writing a blog designed to help others dig into the depths of God’s Word.    While we were meeting and planning in April, I shared with them that the Lord had laid Psalm 42:2 on my heart as a guide for us here on the site over the coming year.  My desire is that Scripture Dig is a place that leads you to have a greater thirst for the Word of God and deeper longing for relationship with Him.

As I’ve prayed about what to share with you all during “my week,”  I’ve gone through at least five different topics.   From preparing our hearts for revival to understanding Sabbath, all sorts of themes have been considered and even outlined.  But, this afternoon (Sunday), it just clicked!   Thirst!

Several places in Scripture reference being thirsty … from the physical thirst of the Israelites wandering in the wilderness to Christ’s promise of blessing to those who hunger and thirst for righteousness.   Over the next four days, we’ll examine what it means to thirst for the Lord.

Truth #1:  We were created to thirst for the Lord.

While this may seem elementary, it is important for us to begin with this simple understanding … We all thirst for something.   Within each of us is a longing and desire for something more.   The Bible clearly teaches that from the beginning, God intended us to have relationship with Him – that we would thirst for Him.   Sin, however, affects how we fulfill that longing within us.  Some attempt to use relationships or achievements to fill the void.   Others may use work or addictions and I’ve even seen people try to fill this God-given desire with church.   But the truth is:  We were created to thirst for God.

Read Genesis 1:26 – 31.   Humans were created in the image of God.   How does that communicate the truth that God desired relationship with us?

Read Genesis 3:1-7.   The serpent (Satan) introduced to Adam and Eve the idea that God might not be enough.   He led them to question God’s goodness and as a result their own desire for Him.   Have you found yourself in that same type of place?  Wondering if God is enough?  Questioning if there is something more?  Looking around to fill your thirst with other things or people?   How does this one lie affect all of us, even today?

Read Genesis 3:8-10.   One of the main results of sin is shame.  Always.  And that shame often pushes us farther away from the Living Water of the Lord.   We begin to feel unworthy of relationship with Him.   Have you experienced those feelings of shame and unworthiness?   Notice this from these verses:   God sought Adam and Eve – though He already knew they had sinned.  He seeks us as well.   When have you been pursued by God?  How can you see that He has drawn you back to Him?

The beginning of thirsting for God is realizing our need for Him.   Perhaps you have never quite grasped what it means to have a relationship with the Lord.  If you are uncertain about this or want more information, please – PLEASE – email us at scripturedig{at}gmail{dot}com.  We would love to share with you and answer, as best we can, your questions.

Come back tomorrow for the second truth about thirst!


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