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Friday Favorites: Study Resource {Off Line}

July 29, 2011

Perhaps you have wondered what books line our shelves.  What are the tools we use for our personal study and preparation to write and speak.  Well, here are some of our “must haves.”

Teri Lynne:   I LOVE the Women’s Evangelical Commentary.  Currently only the New Testament is available but I am anxiously awaiting the Old Testament’s release.   This commentary is easy to understand and provides a wonderful blend of historical information, contextual knowledge, and Greek word analysis.

Julie:   How to Study Your Bible by Kay Arthur provides a solid start in understanding how to study the Bible inductively. This resource has been valuable for me and has been a helpful gift to pass along to other women who want to study the Bible for themselves.

Sandra:  Second to my ESV Study Bible, I use the Women’s Evangelical Commentary edited by Patterson and Kelley (two of my professors from seminary!) most often for studying. Written by biblical scholars with hearts for women, I find it has the right balance of deep thoughts and practical application.

Kathy:  Picking one favorite study resource is almost impossible, so I will tell you about the two-volume resource The IVP Bible Background Commentary. The Old and New Testament volumes provide historical, social, and cultural background for every passage in the Bible. Indispensable!

Stephanie: The Complete Word Study (both Old and New Testaments). Since I’m a word girl, little else makes my heart smile more than when I dig deeper and discover the significance of a word from the Word.

Kristi: I have an affinity for John MacArthur’s teaching style, so I turn to my MacArthur Bible Commentary often. I appreciate the cultural and historical insights, background on the original language, and his thoughts on difficult passages.

{You can find other resources we commend on our Resources page.}

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