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Your Turn

November 5, 2010

When was the last time you saw a vivid picture of gratitude?

As we spent time in Luke 17 this week, we saw the contrast of the grateful heart of the one healed leper and the ungrateful hearts of the nine healed lepers. If you’re like me, your heart whispered, “I don’t want to be one of the nine. I want to be the grateful one.” We’re kind of relieved that we don’t live between Samaria and Galilee, and we are not likely in our day to be afflicted with leprosy. But does that leave us off the hook? Does it insure that we still won’t be counted among those thankless nine?

My daughter is a student driver, and we are logging many hours of practice miles. As we drive, we talk about elements of good driving. One of our best lessons came from a divinely timed accident that occurred right in front of us. We heard the squeeling tires, saw the fish tailing vehicles, watched the brake lights, and braced for the sound of crumpling metal.  In seconds, my young driver learned so much about being the driver she wants to be and avoiding the wreckage of ignoring what’s right. During this month we pray the Scripture we dig in to will paint a vivid picture of what godly gratitude looks like. It helps to see what it does NOT look like, so we can train ourselves to flinch at prideful entitlement and distracted disregard for God’s provision.


Last week God intertwined my path with a young single mother moving in to a shelter with her two children. Her story was a vivid picture to me of gratitude. She overflowed with thanksgiving for God’s provision of 2 used car seats, so she could be reunited with her sons and move to a family floor in a homeless shelter. Inwardly, I was ashamed at my first thought, “You’re thankful to be moving to a shelter with your boys?”  I saw a beautiful example of a woman with understanding about who she is and about Who God is. You can read about it here. When we are alert to evidence of God’s grace in our own life and lives around us, we see beautiful examples of gratitude that are a sweet aroma to our Heavenly Father.

Today it’s Your Turn. Would you share a recent example of a grateful heart? Evidence of God moving people to gratitude? Most of the time mankind falls into the category of the “other nine,” but since God is at work among us, we can expect glimpses of “the grateful one” around us. As we share, it glorifies our Heavenly Father who is the giver of “every good and perfect gift,” (James 1:17).  Take a moment to stop, turn around, and pass on a picture of gratitude.

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