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Your turn!

October 8, 2010

In my opinion, one of the most powerful sections of Scripture which reinforces the huge priority God places on the local church is Revelation 2-3. These two chapters contain seven letters to seven real local churches in existence at the time when John wrote down this amazing book.  These letters fascinate me.  They haunt me.  They make me want to examine my motives and plead daily for God to search my heart and see if there be any offensive way in me.  They drive me to pray for the leadership of our church.

Today it’s your turn. Spend some time in Revelation chapters two and three. Each letter contains a description of Jesus, commendations for what the church is doing well (usually), reproofs for what the church is lacking (usually), instruction, and a promise for true followers of Jesus.

Reading these chapters, what is God’s description of a healthy church? What common pitfalls do our modern churches share with these 1st century congregations? What seems to be most important to Him, and therefore, what should be most important to us?

After spending some time in these two chapters, if you would like to dig in a little further I would like to offer you this free ebook full of background about these churches and devotional reflections for personal application. It also includes a prayer guide for specific ways to pray for our own local churches based on these seven letters.
Letters to the Churches, Revelation 2-3

After reading these seven letters, what stands out to you about the importance and purpose of the local church in God’s eyes?

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